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American Term Limits Initiative

April 6, 2018

For years, America has talked about term limits for our local, state and national elected officials. Sadly congress, both local and national, itself must enact legislation to limit their own terms which they will never do. The time has come to quit talking and act.

The American Term Limits Initiative is here and it is super simple. It puts the power back in the citizen’s hands. Since elected officials won’t act, we will. Every American, regardless of political party or philosophical persuasion can simply do the following four things:

1) Register to vote if not already registered.

2) Vote against any incumbent in any election (primary or general) who has already served 8 years in office in national, state and local offices, regardless of their record.

3) Write elected officials indicating your intentions to vote against incumbents who have already served 8 years in office.

4) Sign the term limits petition located at:

It is doubtful that a national referendum on this subject will ever succeed and there is no way elected officials will ever impose term limits on themselves. It’s our country. Let’s do it for them! Take the above steps and be part of the solution.

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  1. I like that we have term limits here in Colorado. We desperately need them at the federal level. It works! Heck, the president is term-limited, why shouldn’t representatives and senators be treated the same. (I would give a senator two terms, though, which amounts to 12 years, not 8).

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  2. What key is the Term Limits Resolution written in? I would love to [sic] sing it. All kidding aside, your ideas are laudable.

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