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Medicine – The Foreplay Of Death

March 30, 2018

The human body and mind are susceptible to a wide variety of maladies which can occur at any age. Most of us are fortunate enough that sickness does not arrive until later in life. Some are not so fortunate. All along the way, there is this thing called medicine.

We begin taking medicine in our infancy: Everything from polio shots to vitamins. As we get older, our medicine changes. Some need acne medicine, others need asthma medication. But what is clear is the older we get, the more medicine we seem to need. In addition to what we actually need, we are constantly enticed to use more. Medicine is indeed the foreplay of death.

Today in America, we have an over-drugging of our entire population courtesy of the nation’s large drug companies and the Wall Street pushers behind them. If you watch television for only one hour a week, you will see a plethora of advertisements telling you that you absolutely need some medicating. We have become a nation of whining, pill popping nincompoops who have all but lost the will to say no. Most Americans cheerfully guzzle a Z-Pack when they get the slightest sniffle and then wonder why they have become immune to most antibiotics. Duh! According to the lords of the TV, most of us need a pill for just about everything from procreating to rheumatism and if one pill doesn’t do the trick, a six-pack is often better.

The good folks of television land also insist that everyone has somewhat uncommon illnesses like plague psoriasis, advanced rheumatoid arthritis and bi-polar disorders. Christ, what about the common cold? Oh yeah, they occasionally have something to peddle for that too. But whoa Nellie! What about those side effects? I mean, do we really want to risk an “increased risk of stroke or death” over cough syrup? Methinks not!

This is not to say that there are legitimate reasons for taking medicine. Medical research has provided us with many useful drugs that improve quality of life as well as cure what was incurable hundreds of years ago. That is the major upside to medicine. The downside is that we are taking too much of what we don’t really need. Either way, in the end, medicine is the foreplay of death.

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  1. I totally agree with you–too much medicine, from opioids to antibiotics.

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  2. My understanding is that the U.S. is the ONLY country in the world that markets prescription drugs to consumers. It’s sickening (ha ha). Big Pharma has way too much political clout. My husband and I don’t take anything (he’s almost 70) other than an occasional ibuprofen for aches or inflammation. Better to eat healthy and not get overweight.

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  3. Thanks so much for your uplifting post. Pardon me while I open a vein . . .


  4. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Something to think about…


  5. I wonder if they have gotten to the point that they are inventing conditions to sell drugs. I do agree with you about people who use the antibiotic Z-packs for virile infections. I, unfortunately, have a friend who is Z-Pack Queen.

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    • We have a neighbor who takes Z-Packs about 8-10 times a year and then wonders why she has no immunity. The whole Big Pharma is simply overkill.

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  6. I won’t go quite that far since we have shots for many hideous diseases like polio and smallpox (and I will include COVID), but like Big almost anything it is insidious. What is scary are the people who believe that vaccinations will turn you into Zombies, non-humans, or even help cause Autism.

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  7. The medical profession has been swallowed by the medical industry. There are still dedicated professionals on the front lines, but the industry strives to increase profits at a ridiculous rate so the top dogs can get ridiculous raises to their ridiculous salaries.

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    • Agreed. In Italy most established doctors make between 65,000 to 80,000 Euro per year, far far less than their American counterparts. Why? There is no such thing as malpractice insurance in Italy.

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