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November 20, 2017

From time to time I publish guest posts here on this site on Mondays, EST. If you have something important to say, please submit your blog via the comments button or ask me to re-blog and I will do my best to see that it appears here. All I ask is that you utilize one or more of the categories I publish (see list on top of the page). Also, please keep the word count between 100 and 700 words. Thanks!

I do reserve the right to edit content and refuse content that does not fit the parameters stated above. Let’s hear what you have to say!

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  1. Hi Allen,

    I am “Parak” or Paul as you have come to know me on Twitter. Like you I am an US expat living in Italy, practically ever since my post-graduate days. I have finally managed to add a link to your blog to my blog’s “Blogroll” so anyone wishing to pursue your blog can do so by simply clicking on “The Blog of Allen Rizzi”. I read your piece on the US Civil War – Part II, which means there is or was a “Part I”. Please advise how to access Part I.

    I have a bilingual article on, “The Italian South: “A Mediterranean Dixieland”? Which compares the Italian and American South from 1860 to 1865. I would appreciate your taking a look at my piece and letting me have your feedback. Perhaps we could do something together on the subject. Let me know your thoughts.

    I read your post on the Internet. Fastweb could have hooked up all of Italy to a broad-band network of optic fibers some twenty years or so. But “friends” of the State Monopoly Telecom / Tim managed to stop Fastweb and here “they” are still trying to connect Italians to high-speed Internet. For what purpose now, God only knows. Better late than never?

    The Best!
    Paul Paracchini

    p.s. If I can be of help to you that, from what I understand, do not have access to a broad-band connection from Tret, please let me know. I am also on LinkedIn and, to a lesser extent, Facebook, mostly for my US family relations.


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