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Guest Post – When Did America Stop Being Safe?

November 6, 2017

Today’s guest post comes from my wife, Rachel Rizzi.

When I was a child (50 years plus), my family and I depended on national television broadcasts or radio to alert us and the nation as a whole about our safety and unusual or dangerous events. When did this safety practice cease? It seems to me that practice was abandoned shortly after Obama was elected president. Coincidence? While this is still open for debate, it seems so.

Yesterday, Sunday, November 5th I returned home from the supermarket about 3 PM and received a phone call from a friend in Europe alerting me and my husband about a church massacre in Sutherland, Texas. I immediately turned on the TV (ABC, CBS and FOX) to see what had transpired in Texas. Nothing…just the usual Sunday tripe and of course, NFL stuff: Not a word about my countrymen and children being slaughtered at prayer. Not a word at all!

Mainstream media in America has failed our citizens on too many levels, but especially about our safety. The reason behind this failure is speculative, yet not acceptable. When did being brought up to speed about our safety become an optional item? Why is the media ignoring us? Must we as a population depend on social media and sources outside our own country to receive public safety information? Even third-world countries have a better safety delivery systems in place.

These are sad and dangerous times for our country and those who mean us harm are taking advantage of our government’s failure to safeguard us. Our government must define ways to deliver our population safety instructions and important alerts. Will it be national television broadcasting, streaming via internet, cellular or are we on our own?

Every American must know which tools to use to obtain public safety instructions (not limited to weather, natural disasters and nuclear attack). Our government, both federal and local must properly distribute this information to us. It’s our Constitutional right to be safe, as stated in The Declaration of Independence. The media cannot deprive us of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

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