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The Civil War – Part Two

October 27, 2017

Hopefully, everyone reading this has a fairly good understanding of the American Civil War which was fought between 1861 and 1865, resulting in some 750,000 deaths. Let me repeat that number: 750,000. It still stands as a huge black eye on the face of American history. Like so many of our wars, we seemed to have failed to learn much from it. In fact, the whole North versus South thing still exists today. Just drive down any rural highway in the South and you are sure to see many Confederate flags proudly displayed outside homes and businesses. In the South, some would even say that the war never really ended. Feelings of southern patriotism (which I applaud) aside, most of us hope the actual war has gone for good, buried in the past. We certainly don’t want another.

However, let’s pay close attention to what’s happening today. While we’ve been napping, the next great civil war is already at our doorstep. It’s not the North versus the South but rather the Left versus the Right. The divide in our country, while still 50-50, has widened enormously in its animosity since the 2016 election of Donald Trump. The left and the right factions of our nation can not and will not find common ground. The war of words began immediately, even before the election. The first actual shots were fired when Republican Steve Scalise was gunned down on a baseball field. The second shots, in all partial probability, were fired in Las Vegas by wacko Stephen Paddock. The jury is still out on the latter but most signs point to an Alt-Left deranged person wanting to take out perceived country music going Republicans. The folks on the left just have not been content with mere name calling. Their exploits have included tossing a disabled veteran out of his wheelchair, beating up an old lady, destroying property and making public death threats against the president and his supporters.

Much of the Alt-Left’s deeds have been egged on by famous people in our society: Movie stars, singers, NFL football players and a wide girth of other elitists. They have little to lose in the war of words and even less to loose if it comes to a fire fight. They are the chosen few who, surrounded by bodyguards, can afford to pretty much do and say anything they want as they are protected in their ivory towers. The masses that they have called to action do not enjoy such comforts but seem to feel the elitists have their backs. That would probably change immediately if it came down to a full scale war. These upper crust cruddies have a habit of being the first ones through the exit doors.

The Right’s response? Mainly gloating along with the obligatory name calling as well. So far, the right has constrained itself from major acts of violence. But often times, words cut deeper than knives. They are often as guilty as the Left in terms of incendiary word play. Again, the difference is that they haven’t taken to the streets… yet.

So where are we folks? Every week brings more acrimony and more violence. Left leaning California has now become a sanctuary state and many there want to secede from the union. Sound familiar? The pull and push has reached a breaking point and all out civil war is just a blink around the corner. We’re talking the guns, knives and clubs sort of stuff that I would like to believe none of us wants on either side of the political spectrum.

In America, we tend to think in cliches. We often act that way too. The Demtards and the Trumptards are gathered on either side of Bull Run once again. The next few months are critical to this country’s survival. There is still time to save our great republic but it’s going to involve compromise, civility and support of our current government by all sides of the political arena. Are we up to the task? I sincerely hope so. In the meantime, the Alt-Left has called for all out civil war starting November 4. Everyone needs to ask themselves, “If it comes down to shooting, which side will I be on?”

Note: The above painting is of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Seemed apropos so please give this a listen folks….

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  1. Even before Trump’s unexpected election, I had become aware that something had changed in the politics of the good old US of A. In our days, politics was still considered a noble art and party differences more about different ways and means to reach similarly shared goals and principals. I was on a business trip to Washington a year or two after Obama’s first election and picked up his second book, (“The Audacity of Hope”) at a local book shop and, after reading it from cover to cover, found myself thinking that “for a democrat” much of what the man said in his book was as Italians say, “condivisibile”. He seemed like a very personable, honest gentleman from an Ivy League School with high hopes about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I had not voted for him but did not feel any reason to oppose him and his policies, i.e. not until later well into his first term. Personally, I never judge a book by its cover, nor a friend by his political views. But I began to feel from what I would read in the US mainstream press that American politics seemed to mimic more and more Italian politics. And then it hit me: they have become cats and dogs (you will pardon the expression taken from the Italian that so well expresses the kind of senseless, automatic aggressiveness that comes simply from being prey and predator in the wild. Thank you for confirming so well my thoughts in your descriptive piece, “The Civil War – Part II”!


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