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September 8, 2017

Bloggers. I must admit that until a few years ago, I wasn’t even aware that they existed. Now I have been one for several years myself. Yikes!

What started out as a perceived vehicle to sell my books to the awaiting public has turned into a passion that I practice with precision every Friday at noon. I have written several hundred blogs on subjects as diverse as poetry, social commentary, surfing, fly fishing and travel. Along the way I have also read a great deal of my fellow bloggers’ work and have formed some observations worth sharing:

Bloggers. No two bloggers are alike. That statement seems obvious but with thousands of bloggers out there, I have yet to see much if any overlap in style, subject, geography or background. That’s a good thing. Diversity is what makes blogging exciting.

Importance. Everyone has something important to share. With the whole range of the human experience at their disposal, each blogger has something unique to say. I’ve read really interesting blogs dedicated solely to food preparation, others on politics and still others on virtually every imaginable subject. Most are wonderful.

Imagery. Pictures and photographs are important. I feel more connected to the content if I am provided with an interesting photo, cartoon or graphic. It may be the kid in me but I like a little visual stimulation along with the words.

Experience. It’s like being there. I love travel blogs, especially those which deal with locales that I have never visited. As a world traveler, I appreciate learning about something new. Again, photographs really help fill in the gaps.

Details. I am a well read person but I love to learn new, small details about history, modern life, food, travel and just about anything under the sun.

Length. I prefer blog posts that are under 800 words. I don’t read blogs the same way I read a novel and I appreciate brevity in order to get to the point. Most blogs fall into this category although I have read some interesting posts that are longer but none of them were books.

The Author. I also like learning a bit about the author and appreciate seeing their photo. It helps me connect with what they feel is important. Being able to put some experience and a face with the blog post helps round out my experience, sort of like an espresso after dinner.

In conclusion, I salute you fellow bloggers for your ingenuity, talent, and above all your desire to share some of your life and ideas with the rest of us. It truly makes for a human experience.

PS – I now also present photography posts every Monday as well.

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  1. David Dalsis permalink

    Interesting perspective! Communication technology made it all possible.

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  2. Now, if I could just get those pesky Italians to read my blog…


  3. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    I salute my fellow bloggers!


  4. It’s an interesting world.

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