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Of Worms And Blue Birds

August 11, 2017

Every once in awhile I read a tidbit that I save in my brain for the future. Such was a magazine article I read several years ago about feeding blue birds. I learned that blue birds have a penchant for meal worms. To them it’s like a fast food delight.

Being unfamiliar with their love for meal worms, I tried buying a package of dried worms. I put them out in a little dish and watched as the blue birds approached. Nothing! Was the magazine article wrong? I tried the same thing with live meal worms from a fishing bait store and bamb, an army of blue was all over the dish. Ah, so the worms had to be alive?

The next season, I again bought the live worms and set them out when the blue birds arrived in our garden. Nothing! What? In desperation, I tried some of the old dried worms and instantly our yard was filled with dozens of blue birds all vying for the meal worms. Did my little friends forget to send me the memo that they had switched preferences?

As it turned out, we are apparently visited by a strange variety of these creatures: Blue Birdicus Finicus. In the end, I decided as Marie Antoinette, “let them eat cake”-ed dry meal worms and be done with it. It seems that my feathered friends have decided that a dry worm in the beak is worth two live worms in the far off bait store. Things have now settled down to a neat little routine wherein I have become a slave to spoiled birds that demand that I freshen their cache of meal worms four times a day. Though I oblige, I wonder seriously sometimes if I have lost my mind as my wife claims. Perhaps I should prepare some of those meal worms for her as well to help keep her beak closed.

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  1. You must always permit them to “to wet [sic] their beak.” Don Fanucci, The Godfather Part II, 1974

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  3. A sweet post! Thank you for taking care of our feathered friends.

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  4. I hope your wife pecks you to bits for saying something that snarky.

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