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How Many Places Have You Lived?

August 4, 2017

How many places have you lived? It’s an easy question but for most of us, we have to stop and think a bit to get our head all away around the answer.

A hundred years ago, the answer was probably one. People didn’t move much at all and were often born, married and buried in the same town. Fifty years ago, the answer might have been two or three. Post war America offered employment and housing opportunities that often required relocation. Today? Most people have moved frequently for family, work or pleasure.

Me? My list is long: Salt Lake City, Utah / Des Moines, Iowa / North Hollywood, California / San Fernando, California / El Portal, California / Oceanside, California / Santa Barbara, California / Sylmar, California / Redondo Beach, California / Woodland Hills, California / Granada Hills, California / Oak Park, California, Gold Beach, Oregon / Eugene, Oregon / Tret, Italy / Etowah, North Carolina – That’s 16 locations and a lot of miles in between!

While I may be a bit of an exception, most people my age have probably seen somewhere between 3 and 5 different living locations in their entire lives. One friend of mine has actually lived in 52 locations. Another has only lived in two. How many places have you lived?

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  1. Olive Blankenship permalink

    Germany, England, Toronto Canada, Burbank California, Pacoima California, Sylmar California, Coronado California, Chula Vista California, North Hollywood California, Jewett City Connecticut, Norwich Connecticut, Lakeport California, Kelseyville California, and Grass Valley California. I’m almost up to you Allen!

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  2. Okay, let’s see: Brooklyn, NY/ Oradell, NJ/ River Edge, NJ/ Leonia, NJ/ Ridgefield Park, NJ/ Washington Township, NJ/ Lodi, NJ/ Woodcliff Lake, NJ/ Richmond, KY/ Westwood, NJ/ Fort Lee, NJ/ Teaneck, NJ/ Ringwood/ NJ/ Laurel Park, NJ/ Hendersonville, NC. Not bad, eh?


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