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They Are Us

July 14, 2017

How many times have you heard it? “They should do more for the poor!” “They should be more honest!” “They should pick up the trash on our streets!” The list goes on forever.

In my adopted home of Italy I hear the same thing. “They need to fill the pot holes!” They should shovel the snow in front of our church!” “They can’t do anything right down at city hall!”

The they they are talking about is invariably the government, both local and national: That faceless mob that many feel runs our lives in circles. They need to do something, everything and do it real quickly.

But who are they? In most democratic countries (and those who profess to be), the very people who are always complaining are part of a representative government. They are us and we should all get off our collective butts, chip in and give a hand in making our lives better. Waiting for them just doesn’t get the job done. It’s an old but true adage: They are us!

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    Sunday’s thoughts:


  2. So true my friend. We all need to help in our communities. Have an amazing Sunday with your family Allen. 😘🤗❤️

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  3. I agree with all of it except the pot holes. They really need to fix those 😁

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    • Don’t hold your breath! 😉


      • I know it! We have had pot holes at the end of street for 18 years. The whole neighborhood has complained because it has popped so many tires. Instead of doing anything, they spent several million dollars on a wonky overpass system to get rid of a roundabout that has caused more accidents than it was created to prevent. All we want is to not have to keep buying rocks ourselves to fill it in!

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      • Keep the pressure on and hire a lawyer if need be (preferably pro bono).


      • We did. One of the neighbors who suffers with us did it (granted, he hates being a lawyer and did it to make his dad happy and admits to not being the best), but he tried. That’s how it got “put on the list” as they wouldn’t pay attention before that at all. We’ve been on said list for 5 years. Next step will be pitchforks, torches, wearing rags, and all of us singing some French Revolution type song in unison as we March. 😂🤣

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      • Bureaucrats are the worst! However I have been successful in dealing with them in Italy and in the U.S. (Lots of persistence.)


      • Yes. Persistence is the only way, but sometimes it doesn’t work (over a decade!) and that’s where the whole pitchfork thing popped into my mind. It’s the only thing we haven’t tried at this point 😂

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      • “May the folk be with you!”

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      • May the folks find the force!


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