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WFB – Alice In #shitbank Land

July 7, 2017

We recently returned to Italy and after two weeks we suddenly found that we were denied access to our Wells Fargo Bank online banking service. There was no way to check balances, pay bills or even read messages from the bank.

Being halfway patient prudent people, we contacted the bank and manually paid our bills from 6,000 miles away by telephone. When we inquired as to what was the problem with online access, we were fed nothing short of a buffet of bullshit. This was a new rabbit hole we had fallen into after suffering the Wells Fargo “fake account” scandal, the CEO scandal, and accepting uncompetitive CD rates for years.

A second phone call to the bank produced an “online tech” who knew next to nothing about computers. Out of frustration, he finally stated that Wells Fargo Bank no longer supported Android 4.2 and that this was Android’s fault. (I am quoting directly.) What the hell? The whole internet supports Android 4.2 – why only not Wells Fargo Bank. His parting and snide advice was to “buy another tablet.”

Even if this story was true (which I doubt), we certainly never recieved any notice whatsoever from Wells Fargo regarding software support changes of any kind. I suspect the truth lies in either bad programming (not my fault), a possible case of hacking (not my fault) or unbelievably bad customer service (not my fault).

After several critical tweets using the hashtag #shitbank, I finally recieved wih a DM stating that they would call us by phone. Even though I supplied them with a proper number, no such call was ever made. They claimed they had called several times although our call register disputed this claim. Obviously this world class cretin bank does not know how to call Italy. (Again, not my fault.)

We next tried a direct phone call to our bank branch in North Carolina to no avail. It seems that local bankers know nothing of online banking – it’s just a product they push without any real knowledge of its workings. It’s out of their jurisdiction. Really? It’s the twenty-first fucking century folks!

The comedy of no customer service and miscommunication continued for another 7 days. In the meantime, we still had zero access to our bank except by long distance phone calls. A week of snivelling non-customer service and we are still have no credible answers, no customer service and no access to our own damn bank accounts.

We are now at the point where we have only but one coure of action. When we return to the United States, we will close our entire 40 year old banking relationship with Wells Fargo Bank and move our assets to another bank that is honest, competent and that doesn’t constantly lie. No more smiling Cheshire Cat that disappears when we need him the most.

You can find my Twitter entries at @allen_rizzi. In the meantime, we sincerely urge all Wells Fargo Bank customers to withdraw their money and look for a REAL Bank With REAL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

If you have similar problems, contact @WellsFargo. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky.

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  1. I think I would have dropped them after the hack. Most Internet issues revolve around poor Apple interaction NOT Android.
    Dump ’em!

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  2. KiM permalink

    When MountainBank/MountainFirst merged I went around to each bank that would be easy for us to visit. I quickly learned that most banks no longer work for you while using your money. They charge. It may be for (gasp) wanting a paper statement, for online / phone deposits, for a business account, for too many or not enough deposits, for still using cash over checks only, for not keeping a set amount sitting in all of the accounts every day. We went with one that was the most reasonable (NOT Wells Fargo) and since then they’ve jumped on the fee pay- to-bank bandwagon too. Sadly I’ve found that they pay more attention when you use said hashtags and start telling more people.

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