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The Wonderful World Of Windows

June 23, 2017

Windows is the almost universally despised flagship of the Microsoft armada that dominates the PC world. In its theoretical form, it is a godsend that makes using a computer at home a breeze. In its practical form it is often a long and unwelcome nightmare.

We have now arrived at Windows 10 which is basically a gimmicked-up version of the older ones (7 and 8) that was designed to appeal to the minimum millennial mentality. That is to say, it looks like a smart phone and programs are now called apps. Wow! How impressive …. NOT!

What is still there with Windows 10 are the unending updates and instability that have haunted Windows from the Windows 97 days. That a long gig with very few real improvements in 20 years. Oh and then there is that nasty little fact that every time Windows changes its version, various amounts of your software programs (okay – Apps) refuse to work properly any longer. Bummer? No, actually they want you to go out and buy new Apps, programs or whatever you choose to call them. It gets a little expensive and that’s not counting the hemorrhoid cream you need on top of the bargain. Och!

If you have a problem with Windows, you are directed to various forums where questions are never answered. Instead you are treated to drawn-out squabbles between the wee folk that live in their parents’ basements. That leaves trial and error as the only solution and it’s likely to end up as the latter. Bummer? Not really; at least you are being entertained for free.

Windows is a crap operating system. Most agree. However, it is so widely diffused and inexpensive (compared with Apple) that most of us put up with it forever. My advice? Take a close look at Android.

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  1. Crap – crap -crap.


  2. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Weekend thoughts on Windows…


  3. We’ve come a long way from punch-card programming, JK flip-flops and shift registers. 🙂

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  4. For a desktop or laptop look into linux.

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    • Do NOT tell me ex I said that. I always had to defend MS because he was SOOO Linux. But I will NEVER admit I liked linux better and it was less bloated, Intuitive, and everything free

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