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Better Late Than Never

May 12, 2017

I am a bit slow to change. It’s what a lot of people of my generation do. It’s not because I’m lazy or stupid. I’m just comfortable in a world where Tuesday is pretty much like the Monday before it. It makes me feel good.

However after years of procrastination, I recently made a foray into the world of Twitter. This was, at least for me, a major change which I reluctantly embraced.  I’m not one who is big on social media; most of it seems to be a waste of time for me. However I am also a person with strong opinions who likes engaging others. Ta-dah! Twitter!

My Twitter experience has thus far gone pretty much as expected. I endured the general election back and forth and was able to connect with others who share some of my background, experience and opinions. It has also been a good platform to connect with colleagues who are not on my other sites such as LinkedIn. This aspect of a fuller range of contact even prompted me to ask my wife to re-open the Facebook account she cancelled several years ago. There are some people who only use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media programs. I don’t pretend to agree to the importance of social media but I’ve finally learned to accept it.

Better late than never. I am a latecomer to the party for sure. Things have gone so well that I am seriously thinking of getting a smart phone – NOT.

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  1. Welcome to the wonderful, whacky world of Twitter. I know you’ll make your presence felt out there in Twitterland. 🙂


  2. 1,110 Tweets and counting….


  3. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    An old post… and YES, I got the smart phone!


  4. Someday someone is going to make a website that combines the best of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and this site will rule dominant forever. The “one-stop shopping” convenience of it, plus the crossover effects of going from New Twitter to New Facebook, will guarantee it.

    — Catxman

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