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Just One More Cast

May 5, 2017

Just one more cast! It’s the lament that has been borne by every fisherman’s wife. They usually have heard it for way too many years. And yet these patient women seem to be ever hopeful that what they are hearing is at last the truth.

What makes all of us fly fishermen so intent on not giving up? If the day has been unproductive, we feel we must keep going until the light runs out just in case the tide turns. We fiddle with different flies and keep casting. If the day has been great, we seem to always want to make it greater by casting into the dusk and beyond. Why not just walk away and go home to a waiting wife?

Fly fishermen are by nature creatures of perfection and as such they seem to count every second on a stream as others would count freshly minted gold coins. Is it passion or disease? There seems always to be the urge to try one more pattern if the fish have quit. The fading light brings only hope for another strike. There seems to always be one more cast to hang a hope onto and that hope is replaced by another and another until at last darkness has come.

One more cast! My wife has heard it for over 36 years and she’s learned to patiently wait until the sun has well set. God bless her, she’s a good woman! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Photo: The author making one more cast. Photo credit: The patient wife.

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  1. I made about four hundred “last casts” this past Wednesday . . . alas to no avail. Let’s do it again soon. 🙂

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  2. All the praise to the women, but I have learned not to make the last cast. Something happens, you lose the fly, and one piece of the rod gets loos and you lose it, or whatever other disaster happens. So, do not do the last cast. Just a couple.
    See you on the water.

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    Thoughts for today…


  4. I used to just take stationery and a book along.

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