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January 27, 2017

Retirement – In a word, it sucks!

There was a time in this country when people looked forward to retiring. In the true sense of the word, they were retiring from service, public or private, and looked forward toward a slower pace and being rewarded for their many years of work. We’re talking about the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s here. And then things changed!

Today, retirement to most means a relinquishment of their control on their lives in favor of a government sponsored “hush.” This can take the form of pathetic social security checks but often manifests itself as a reduction of worth. In today’s world, retired people are generally seen as non-persons who would be better off dead. Society it seems has little respect for those who have built this country. They are seen as yesterday’s expendable drones.

Generally shunned by America, seniors are often left with only other seniors as friends. After all, who wants to hang around with a bunch of geezers. This in itself tends to narrow life and bring negative affects of socialization to many retired people. The remedy, in some cases, is for seniors to share their life experience and mentor the younger generations. That’s the positive spin! It is often rare but worth considering.

Then there is Social Security. It is NOT a gift from the government. I repeat: It is NOT a gift. These monies have been paid out of countless pay checks throughout the years are are doled-out by the government as if it was their cash. Adding insult to injury, often there is no COLA (Cost Of Living Allowance) which is known to the general public as a pay raise. Virtually everyone in America gets a pay raise except seniors. The federal government has dipped into Social Security funds repeatedly for financing wars and other useless ventures and has said for years that there is a funding crises. Of course there is a crisis; the government made one by dishonestly borrowing from everyone’s social security account. While these are mere words to younger people, the situation comes into a much stronger focus when someone starts receiving their pittance.

You’ve probably heard at least a few older people say, “I work harder now than when I had a job!” It is true. When one is retired, it takes more effort to get anything done. Often, the money just isn’t there so many tasks are “selfies.” Plumbers, electricians and gardeners are often left out in favor of saving some much needed money. Indeed retired people do work harder; it’s hard just staying alive!

Retirement – Think about it long and hard before you arrive there and know that along the way you are bound to be heading for a big surprise!

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  1. Sounds very familiar.

    In the UK, they keep raising the age that they start paying the State Pensions at. Just as you say, Allen – it ain’t no gift.

    WHAT POLITICIANS SAY (when pressed):

    “You don’t need the money yet because you’re still capable of working! Isn’t that wonderful?”


    “Sorry, we’ve been dipping our beaks in the honey pot for so long that your money’s all spent. That means we can’t pay you the pension that we promised you so now you need to keep working and thus prevent someone younger from doing your job.”

    If only they’d be honest; the heart attacks that would follow would create no end of job vacancies.

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    • Unfortunately, it’s the same all over the world. In Italy they have moved the “years of contribution” steadily up while providing less and less.

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  2. No arguing with most of what you say – especially the Social Security checks. Staying busy and productive is the best way I know of to combat “Senioritis.” Keep writing, Allen! You’re good at it. 🙂

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    • Thanks Joe! As you well know, we’re all working harder just to get by. I’m afraid the millennials are in for a shock up the line.


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  4. When I was as young as 50 something, I used to think that old age was glasses, gray hair and wrinkles. Heck, that’s the easy part. Doing most anything from moving around, maintaining a postitive attitude, and a sense of self-worth are the hard parts (and I’m not even talking about finances.) It is pathetic what we become grateful for.

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    • AGREED! I can still run circles around most people half my age but I always feel marginalized.

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      • Try being a woman of a certain age–your doubly invisible. I do feel your pain–physical and emotional. We’re probably too sharp mentally. 🙂

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      • You sounds like a reluctant and bitter retiree 🙁. But you are right! Politician (a primer minister) worked until 93 years old. You are too young!

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      • Not bitter personally – I have a good retirement. I am bitter for millions of seniors who are treated poorly here in the U.S.


      • Hmm… Can’t depend on pension alone because money depreciates with time. Good to do some part time work for mental, physical and financial health!

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  5. “They are seen as yesterday’s expendable drones.”
    The young are seen as today’s expendable drones.

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