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The Four Libtards Of The Apocalypse

January 20, 2017

The Four Libtards of the Apocalypse: The modern day apocalypse has come, wreaked its havoc and has finally retreated in the personages of Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. What a horrible eight years for America! However, they have been vanquished and forced into obscurity. Thankfully we will have a new president today along with a new hope for our nation.

President Obama will undoubtedly go down in history as the single worst U.S. president. There isn’t even a close runner up. What he has done to a once great country is unforgivable. His phony idealism and political correctness have nearly destroyed our country. He wanted to pass the baton to his sometime friend Hillary so that she could complete the destruction but alas she stumbled in the race and has been secluded for some time and thankfully out of the public eye. She has thrashed away against the president elect while in hiding but to no avail. The barking has subsided. Harry Reid teetered back to Nevada to smell his pomegranate blossoms, find a new box of Depends and has left the scene more or less quietly. Of the four, only Pelosi remains as the rear guard of libtardism. But she is probably merely pestilence riding a lame horse. She too has been rendered impotent.

The Four Libtards of the Apocalypse have at last been vanquished! Today we inaugurate a new president as well as a new chapter in American history. A new day is about to dawn over America. It will be a bright and shining day even if it rains. Congratulations President Trump! Tone down the Tweets a bit and do us proud. All of America and the world is waiting.

And what of the horsemen, the Four Libtards of the Apocalypse? The sound of hoofs retreating is indeed soothing, a falling echo of the past. But beware, their minions will continue to do what they do: Call names and clamor for disruption and anarchy. Thankfully their standard bearers will likely be no where to be found, preferring the comfort of their safe spaces where they can dream away their days about what might have been in a place called Libtardia.

The Four Libtards of the Apocalypse: Good riddance!

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  1. The problem with your thesis here is that the rotten apples lie smoldering at the bottom of the barrel waiting for the opportune time to rise to the surface again and further poison the domestic scene. We should have deported them when we had the chance. LOL


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