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November 11, 2016

November 8 has come and gone and here we are, a divided nation.

Americans are often proud that our country is hailed as the strongest democracy in the world. Democracy is defined as a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. That means that all of us are responsible for contributing to and maintaining our government.

On November 8, once again we put our democracy to the test. As it has for so many years, it worked once again. However, this time around there was so much vitriol going into the election that it was a surety that half the population would be angry after the election. That too is a natural course of events. However, small sectors of our countrymen have gone overboard in declaring that they would move out of the country or profess that the duly elected president is not their president. One veteran even said he would no longer defend this country. Let’s take a look at this.

Eight years ago and four years, many including myself did not like the outcome of the presidential election. We were just as upset as the Hillary Clinton supporters are today. However, we did not threaten to pick up our marbles and go home. We accepted American democracy but in so doing, worked hard to change the next election. We did not flee the country nor did we hit the streets to disrupt and do property damage. To do so is not democratic but rather erratic. We stayed alongside those who voted for Obama and tried to change the future. We expressed our opinions, thoughts for the future, contributed and in the end we voted.

If certain celebrities want to leave our country because they don’t like who was elected, that is certainly their right. Most of these cream puffs have the financial means to do so. But deserting democracy is a coward’s way out and doesn’t address their anger. They would be better served by putting their collective angst into changing the next election results by articulating their positions in our open democracy forum. However, this takes work and some guts…. not exactly the stuff that celebs are known for. Actions do indeed speak louder than mere words. In the end, the planes and trains are waiting, engines warmed up and ready to go!

Those who seek to block interstate highways, disrupt and loot are doing so for the reasons they always have: They are chiefly composed of criminal elements in our society who constantly bitch but have no fortitude to participate responsibly in our democracy. Their contribution is chaos and name calling. They are merely barnacles on the prow of democracy. They need to put down their rakes and torches and work to incorporate their ideas into our government. To just sit on the sidelines, hurl insults, call names and complain accomplishes nothing. Blocking highways only hurts honest people who need to get to and from work, see a friend or even get to a hospital. Being pissed to the point of violence that your candidate didn’t win is beyond being a sore loser. It runs contrary to our democracy and the very fabric and history of our country.

Whatever your beliefs, we all owe our President-Elect Donald Trump the opportunity to prove himself. If we don’t like what he’s done after four years, we’ll have the opportunity to vote him out! That’s called democracy.

A little PS to the veteran who said he would no longer defend our country: While I don’t agree with you and think you are full of it, I like many others thank you for your service to our democracy. We honor you and the rest of our veterans this Veterans Day. That’s what we do in a democracy!

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  1. allenrizzi permalink

    You DO NOT burn the American flag in this country…. Period!


  2. allenrizzi permalink

    This is what I feared:


  3. Well said, Allen! 🙂

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