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Big World, Small World

September 16, 2016

Our world is enormous. Most of us have seen only a very small percentage of our lovely planet, some have seen virtually none of it and still others have seen a large piece. But percentage wise, no one has seen anything near all of it. Where do you fit in?

For me, seeing the world in ample sampling has been a life’s passion. I have lived on two continents: North America and Europe, together accounting for over 28% of the earth’s land mass. I have visited 5 five continents, totaling over 71 percent of the earth. That seems like a lot: the continents are North American, South American, European, Asian and African. However, having seen so much, I have actually seen so little. I’d like to think that what I have seen has been the quality rather than the quantity of our planet.

I once worked in New York City and I have been to many towns and villages with a population under 100. In between, I have met many beautiful people, learned many languages and have been fascinated by endless customs. What is truly mind-blowing is that in the end of the day, there’s really not much difference between the people. In every locale that I have visited, people seem to have the same basic concerns. Also in every location, I have found 98 percent of the population to be wonderful with only about two percent being schmucks. Those are pretty good odds when looking for the positive side of humanity.

The five oceans? I knew you’d probably ask. I have been on the water in only three: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Seas? That would take a very large blog entry indeed; let’s just say a whole lot of them.

Again, where do you fit in?

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