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Ode To Hillary

August 12, 2016

(Normally I try to stay away from politics on this blog. However, the “devil” made me do it!)

Ode To Hillary

Oh Hillary, must we believe
You and Bill won’t deceive?
A thief, a liar, an arrogant ass:
Should we believe all this will pass?

Is it Hillary or Billary now?
The skinny finger or the old cow?
Is it the conspiracy of the right
That makes you bark instead of bite?

What happened to your imaginary stroke?
Will the press now ask or poke?
We doubt it because they never do.
They give a pass to Bill and you.

Enlighten us if you will,
Why should we vote again for Bill?
He’s transferred all his villany
Into the person of old Hillary.

Tell us again it doesn’t matter
That Benghazi’s blood will ever splatter.
Tell us again there is no reason
You should be charged with high treason.

A computer server in your home?
Never the truth, the same old tome.
There’s something fishy in your every move,
Like a record stuck in a groove.

White Water and your Midas touch
Really don’t reveal all that much,
Except that you are certainly a crook;
Your life of crime could fill a book.

What’s the deal, tell us Hill?
Or should we speak with sleazy Bill?
Hillary or Bill, which is newer?
They both crawled out of the sewer.

Vince Foster’s ghost tells it true:
The scammy one? It is you!

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One Comment
  1. allenrizzi permalink

    Obviously Hillary is sick, both physically and mentally. Is this who we want in the White House?

    Liked by 1 person

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