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Italy, Pick-Ups And Smart Phones

June 24, 2016

We bought a house in North Carolina a few years ago after moving from Italy where we had lived for some years. Being new to the area, we timidly explored our new surroundings in our first few months in an attempt to learn about our new community. We visited our new local supermarket, Ingles, and talked with some of the locals. One young girl stood out as our newest of contacts. We explained that we had just moved to North Carolina from Italy. With a totally amazed look on her face, she exclaimed, “You moved to North Carolina from Italy? What’s the matter? People only move to this town to die!” Ouch! Had we made a wrong decision? The mortician probably thought not.

Some months later, we were busy buying furniture for our new home, We ventured down to South Carolina in an attempt to find a few new items. Specifically, we were looking for book cases. After locating acceptable book cases, we paid the cashier and she said, “If you’ll pull your pick-up around, we’ll help you load.” I explained that we didn’t have a pick-up truck but that I was sure the furniture would fit in out Subaru. Her eyes became wide and vacuous. “Your don’t have a pick-up?” The emphasis was on the word have. I sheepishly explained that no we did not in fact own a truck. “Sheesh!”: She just shook her head in disbelief and said, “Whatever!” We loaded the book cases into out Subaru and went merrily on our way back home to North Carolina. On the way back, I noticed that indeed almost every pick-up I saw had a South Carolina license plate. Hmm.

Years later, I was forced to have an operation to save my life. It seemed that my carotid artery was severely damaged and need to be replaced with an artificial graft. It was a harrowing experience, performed under a local anesthetic, in which the artery that supplies my brain was removed while I was conversing with the surgeon. (Yeah, a little scary.) When all was done, I returned to the surgeon’s office for a follow-up visit. He mentioned that he had a photo of my damaged artery which he had removed. Would I like the photo? Of course, I’m a curious guy, not given to being squeamish. He said he could text it to me. I replied, “We don’t have a smart hone…. could you email the photo?” An incredulous look overcame his face. Finally, he asked. “You don’t have a smart phone?” The look on the poor man’s face was priceless. I explained that we still lived in the Dark Ages and he agreed to email the photo.

Italy, pick-ups and smart phones: They fall together as if out of a can of pick up sticks but as they land they start to make a little sense.

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  1. The BEST people n the world use flip phones !


  2. allenrizzi permalink

    That’s what I would tell you after I flipped open my phone.


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    Sunday thoughts from the past….


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    A little bit of then and now.

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  5. Fun post, Allen.

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  6. Whether not having a “smart” phone is living in the dark ages could be debated. ๐Ÿ™‚

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