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Senior Lives Matter

June 3, 2016

Many of us have been around long enough to have seen the rotation of special attention focused on various members of our society. They have all been worthy concerns and extra amplification of the problems of some certain groups of our citizenry is to be applauded. We have dealt with the plight of the Native Americans, African Americans, American war veterans, Hispanics and illegal immigrants. Their lives and concerns definitely matter. The attention has been merited. The recent black lives matter movement has been countered with police lives matter. Everyone is right; no one is wrong.

Over the years we have also given special attention to teenagers with depression, homosexuals, obese people and those with every imaginable disease, problem or affliction. These also have been worthy of at least some attention. There is only one group of our people which has not received any recognition or help: senior citizens of America. Why?

Yes, there was briefly a gray panther movement and yes there is an organization named AARP. Both have done zero to promote the respect and well being of almost 15 percent of our population. What has the rest of the country done for its older citizens? The answer in one word is squat. Seniors are most often expected to be quiet and go away. (They all do eventually.)

This year was not unusual. Social Security beneficiaries were told they would have no coast of living allowance (COLA). Yet, more money was appropriated by our government for programs for the underprivileged, illegal immigrants, and virtually every other special interest group living in this nation. Why? Because being a senior citizen does not include you in a special interest group. You are just plain old and no one really gives a damn. The news media certainly doesn’t care. There has been a great deal of flap over the “affluenza” defense of a spoiled brat kid who killed four people and not one word about the millions of senior citizens who built a country where you could even consider having an “affluenza defense.”

A demographic consisting of 15 percent of the entire population deserves better. Contrary to popular myth, very few seniors are wealthy. Most live on their meager Social Security checks. Some have even been reported to have eaten dog food just to stay alive. Have you seen any media outlet wailing about seniors eating dog food? Of course not, unless those people are of one of the chosen minorities. We should at least throw seniors a bone (Pun intended) and maybe even help that group as much as we help other groups. Wouldn’t that simply be fair?

Seniors in this country tend to be a little docile, which is a shame. Imagine if all seniors went on strike for a month and didn’t buy anything: No cars, no houses, no televisions, no stocks, no nothing. The national economy would actually collapse in a month. Other groups would happily take to the streets in riot and boycott businesses at the drop of a hat. Seniors just sit at home and patiently hope that things will change. (They don’t!)

It is way past time that Americans recognize their senior citizenry for who they are: The backbone of a society that was built be their very sweat and blood. They deserve a better treatment from their government and fellow citizens alike. Why not a COLA adjustment commensurate with increases given other groups? It is actually their own money after all. It is not a gift from the government coffers like welfare. At the same time they don’t deserve to be mocked and taken advantage of just because they have patiently grown older. We all grow older eventually. The next time you see a senior member of your community, you might want to thank him or her the same way you would thank someone in our military. They deserve the thanks for making this country great and would be happy to hear so once in awhile. Even a smile would be a bonus for most of them.

At the end of the day, just like you, me, us and them…. senior lives matter!

These are some of my thoughts on the subject of seniors and why senior lives matter. Let’s hear yours.

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  1. Sam permalink

    Allen this is a good blog. Very true.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it!


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