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Cardassians vs Kardashians

May 20, 2016

Cardassians, I miss them. They were fascinating aliens from the 1990’s Star Trek: The Next Generation series. I loved them! Kardashians, I hope the whole world misses them soon. They are collectively a waste of media. I, like the rest of America, am bored to death of them. I wish they would all go where no man has gone before and stay there.

I rather liked the strange fellows from Alpha Quadrant planet, Cardassia Prime. Yes, they were evil looking but no more so than say Dick Cheney. They were calculating creatures with a long history and probably a long future. They were logical and interesting to look at. Mostly they were entertaining.

The Kardashians, conversely, have a short history and an even shorter future. However, like the aliens, they are most certainly calculating. They seem to have a unique skill of staying in the news no matter that no one cares any longer. They are not very logical and, despite their appearances in supermarket tabloids, they are not particularly interesting. They are collectively not entertaining.

The Cardassians did seem to exploit their surroundings. They were there at every juncture of conflict. The Kardashians like to exploit their surroundings as well. They have successfully invaded Hollywood with more skill than their distant extraterrestrial cousins. However, they are frivolous and have wasted their time in the media spotlight with antics that seem more appropriate to the silent film era. (I can actually see Charley Chaplin with a glass of wine on his ass.)

How many Cardassians were there? A galaxy full. How many Kardashians are there? A galaxy full. Modern media viewers are forced to ask, Cardassians or Kardashians? Which would you rather see on your door step?

Spoonheads… bubble butts. To boldly go where no man has seen a butt that big!

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  1. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Spoonheads… bubble butts. To boldly go where no man has seen a butt that big!


  2. I don’t watch TV so have never seen the Kardashians. Lucky me.

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  3. Clever riff on the topic.

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  4. Haha! I thought I was the only one who thought of the Star Trek villains and the Kardashian villains, why does anyone pay attention to them? The OJ trial made Kardashian famous and the leaked porn tape made Kim famous, yuck!

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