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A Neck The Size Of Juanita’s Hominy

May 13, 2016

Okay, I admit it’s a quirky title. But please stay with me a bit and read on.

My wife (with a lovely neck by the way) is an artist who makes all of her own jewelry. She has made everything from rings to bracelets to earrings, all of them exquisitely crafted. She has become a true expert. Recently, she was putting together a new creation, a necklace made of intricate wire. I watched as an eager spectator, wanting to learn her secrets. To approximate the circumference of the necklace, she elected to use a can of Juanita’s Hominy. She gently worked the wire around the can, added just a bit and came up with a stunning piece that fit her perfectly.

I am an artistic guy as well but grounded in Truman-like practicality. When I saw what she was doing, I immediately commented that she couldn’t possibly have a neck the same size as a can of corn. She said she only used the can for an approximate form. In disbelief I insisted, “Let’s measure your neck and then the can!” After finding a measuring tape in her sewing box, I proceeded with the comparison. Her neck? 13 1/2 inches. The can? 13 inches. Yikes! I am married to a hominy head! And to boot, it turns out that she’s a bit more practical than me. How else would you make a perfectly round necklace out of a piece of wire? Thank you Juanita!

Sometimes the husband-wife thing has new twists (pun intended).

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  1. Joan Garby permalink

    Very cute! Rachel will always have a leg up on you…..oh, I mean a neck up on you. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Now I want to measure my neck! I enjoyed the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I measured mine this evening. I must be a Cardassian – almost 19 inches! Yikes!


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