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Noch Niemals!

March 4, 2016

For years, I had the greatest hope and respect for the new Germany. As a child of the Berlin Wall years, I watched eagerly as Germany finally became one nation again. Since reunification, I admired the country and its people for their collective grit to get things done. They were certainly good at it. More recently, I also held Angela Merkel in great esteem as one of Europe’s top leaders. She was thoughtful and practical in her governing. It looked like she was a true leader.

Enter 2015. Europe was changing and so was the tune piped out of Berlin. Frau Merkel, for still unknown reasons, caved-in to the “Greek crisis,” proffering millions of taxpayer’s Euros in a useless attempt to prop up a defunct lazy nation of deadbeats. European citizens loudly complained upon deaf ears. Merkel said it was in the European Union’s interest to continue to bail-out Greece. The populace disagreed. Merkel won the argument at the end of the day. Kicking the can merrily down the road, she will now wait with the rest of Europe for the next Greek crisis that is already looming on the horizon. What will she do next? Warten und sehen!

Then followed the “migrant crisis.” Europe and especially Germany like to name their crises in an order similar to naming hurricanes. They also seem to come with about the same regularity. In fact the very word crisis is ingrained in the European vocabulary. In a sophomoric attempt to beat Barack Obama for the liberal of the century award, she whistled up the entire world’s riff-raff and invited them all to come on over for a bratwurst and beer. Kostenloses Mittagessen.

Finally figuring in the end that Germany can indeed not host all of the Mideast’s downtrodden, she now insists that all European countries share in her folly.  There is lots of finger pointing with most fingers pointed at Merkel. Her popularity in Germany has plummeted. In the European Union, she is seen simply as a threatening dictator. Where is she taking Europe? Nicht eine gute Richtung!

Germany’s final act of stupidity revolves around their flagship car Volkswagen. It turns out that VW has been screwing the United States and the rest of the world for years in a pathetic effort to make their dirty diesel cars seem cleaner, thanks to a little computer trickery. In reality, clean diesel is a reformulated product that costs more money to produce that the dirty European alternative. That is why diesel costs more in the United States and less in Europe. What do you do when you can’t do the right thing? Just lie. Cheating, fraud and outright lying seem to have been the rules at Volkswagen for a long time. Did Frau Merkel personally fiddle with the VW software? Of course not but she has become the iconic symbol of what’s wrong with the Fourth Reich. Gut gemacht!

During the beginning of Greek crisis, I saw a picture of Merkel with a Hitler mustache painted over her chubby face. I was appalled for I had been her earnest supporter. Things changed. Months later, I rather think the silly mustache fits. “Hiel Merkel!” It is another year but seems surely to be the same old same old from our Teutonic friends. Do I personally believe Frau Merkel, Volkswagen and their Saxon cohorts? Noch niemals!

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