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Grease Live Is Dead

February 5, 2016

January 31, 2016: A day that will live in infamy. Being a person who actually lived through the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, I was eager to see the newest incarnation of Grease via FOX. I loved the 1978 version with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John so I was expecting something good. As we say in Italy, Porco Zio! It was so bad that I immediately pounded out a review to share with my friends at IMDB (International Movie Data Base). I gave it one star only because the zero star option wasn’t available. I am re-posting my comments here:

“Some remakes are gold. This one was not even tin. I really anticipated something very good and I was 100 percent disappointed. The production values, singing, choreography and 1950’s feel were all terrible.

Production values are zero compared with the original. It reminds the viewer of a junior high school production. The forced political correct casting misses the mark completely. Like the remakes of The Wizard of Oz, this production goes too far off script in an attempt to include minority cast members. Remember, the story is about Italian- Americans in an Italian-American neighborhood. It is not a story about the United Nations.

The singing with the notable exception of Keke Palmer is simply atrocious. Come on folks, in the end this is a musical. That implies some musical ability on the part of the cast.

The choreography in the original 1978 version was superb. In this version, the choreography is completely non existent. The 1978 version employed people who could dance. The new version leaves one asking, “Do these folks have feet?”

There is a complete lack of 1950’s feel. The accents are forced and phony and the viewers feel they are in Hollywood not in Rydell High. The producers obviously don’t know what an actual “Greaser” was; perhaps they should have checked the history books.

Lastly, if a production does not have the temerity to stick to the script and include “pussy wagon” in the song Greased Lightning, it may as well not bother to do the whole project. Authenticity, especially the 1950’s brand, was completely lacking.

I have never seen a worse adaptation in my life and hope to never see one as badly done.”

For me, Grease Live is dead. These are my opinions. I’m sure there are those who thought the whole affair was wonderful. If you saw it and were able to keep your eyes open, please let me know your opinion of this massacred remake.

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One Comment
  1. sunny permalink

    After reading your review, I’m glad I didn’t watch the show.


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