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New Year – New Hopes

January 1, 2016

January 1…. another year has been initiated and like millions of people world-wide, I have new hopes for the new year. My hopes are not expressed as personal resolutions but rather as true hope for a better world in which to live another year.

– May there be an end to all wars…. very soon.
– May common sense finally prevail for world economies and politics.
– May things truly change for the better, if even a little.
– May the world be a safer, kinder place to live.
– May you and I and everyone else at least try to be friends.

For me, the new year also brings another wedding anniversary with my wife and soul mate and a time of new hopes for us personally.


We share the hopes of two who have been in love for 34 years. That is a long time when measured out in days, work, health, sickness and lives that have been touched. We have had a rich life together and we hope to share many more years together. (I am writing this blog entry in advance as I will be in ICU following surgery on New Year’s Eve.) My fondest wish is to spend many more New Years and anniversaries with my lovely wife at my side.

Happy New Year with our wishes that you find new hopes to fulfill as well.

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One Comment
  1. allenrizzi permalink

    Got out of the hospital on January 1 after a complicated endarterectomy…. good to be home again with Rachel.


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