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Hillary The Forgetful

November 13, 2015

Poor Hillary Clinton! It seems she’s become quite forgetful. Is it the brain tumor that comes and goes at will? Or is it her advanced age? (Too old even to be president of the local Rotary Club.) What’s the deal with poor Hillary?

It seems Hillary forgot about Benghazi, forgot about the classified emails she sent from her “private” server, forgot about Whitewater, forgot about her Midas touch in futures trading and just about everything she’s ever been involved with. Yikes! That’s a lot of memory to lose for a presidential candidate. Is it really the brain tumor thing or senility? Neither seems to be an option for the President of the United States. It’s enough to make Vince Foster get up from the park bench and say “who done it.”

Hillary’s battle with forgetfulness has a very long history conveniently couched between disarming smiles and claims that it is always a “right-wing conspiracy.” The smile has been re-capped about a million times and conspiracy theories largely ended with the JFK assassination. Are we really talking about forgetfulness here? Again, what’s the deal with Hillary? The public should help poor Hillary out and remind her of her many memory lapses. It is the only decent thing to do.

Question: When does forgetfulness just become just plain old-fashioned lying? This is a very good question for American voters to ponder in the coming months. The familiar buck-toothed smile can not continually contradict facts. Important questions can not be forever ducked with “Oh Barbara, really?” Accusations aimed at Republicans and convenient illnesses can not be foils against truth. The question of integrity needs to be considered when listening to the debates and looking at the past as a predictor of future behavior.

Forgetful or just another liar…. You decide, but please do it soon.

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