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Gliding Toward The Finish Line

October 9, 2015

I have come to the conclusion that life is basically divided into two major halves: Life until your parents die and life until you die.

Before your parents die, life is commanded by you and pretty much you alone. This is the time for accomplishments, whether they be in career fields, family relationships or personal growth. In this time span, most people have the space to do what ever they are going to do in life or at least get it started. Mortality is neatly nestled in some far corner of the brain and the concept is rarely accessed.

After your parents die, your own mortality comes crashing to the front of your mind. You think back upon your parents, usually with admiration and you tend to catalog the things they did and in doing so reflect upon your own accomplishments to date. It’s natural. There is also sort of an inevitable surge that follows to get done what you want to get done. The clock begins ticking louder as you begin your own wait for the final sunset.

However, the whole process of living requires intermittent reality checks. Take a look at the above photograph. In the very end, you must decide whether you are looking at the sunset or the sunrise.

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  1. Tiziana Ravina permalink

    Every nice article and so true.


  2. David Dalsis permalink

    I’m still waiting for the “inevitable surge” with no finish line in sight!


    • allenrizzi permalink

      And we’re still waiting on our friends in Trento with no finish line in sight….


  3. Valerie Y permalink

    Deeply poignant statements expressed so simply, powerfully and truthfully, Allen: “Before your parents die…Mortality is neatly nestled in some far corner of the brain and the concept is rarely accessed” and “The clock begins ticking louder as you begin your own wait for the final sunset.” My parents are both alive. For now…not forever.

    Well done.


  4. Tony Franklin permalink

    Nailed it. Very well said Allen, as my own life experience has proven your words.


  5. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Sunday Thoughts…


  6. Couldn’t it also been, Allen, that sometimes we are torn between sunrise and sunset!

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  7. Jeff Dalsis permalink

    No no no. OK

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  8. I’ve noticed this too, Allen. I call it BPD and APD. The second half is like a fast moving treadmill that seems to pick up speed and slow down intermittently. The trick is to keep moving and thinking, using your talents outside the norm. The norm being to feel sorry for ourselves. Great post. Thanks for sharingbit.

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  9. You make very good points here Allen. Many readers will know exactly what you mean!

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