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Bwana Walter Palmer

July 31, 2015


The lion killer…. We have all heard about the African lion Cecil who was slaughtered by American dentist Walter Palmer. It is an international insult to common decency and and humanity. I for one, would not let this monster in my mouth for so much as a routine cleaning!

Blaming his guides makes about as much sense as blaming the street for littering. I have been a sportsman my entire life and have yet to see a fisherman blame his guide for poaching. In this world of tech savy media, such excuses simply don’t wash! Nice try Bwana!

This tragic and stupid incident brings up an important question. Do people with lots of money have the right to ignore the law? It would seem so. Dr. Palmer joins the ranks of Bill Cosby, O. J. Simpson and countless others who have had the bucks to beat the rap. If you or I were to shoot a squirrel out of season, we would probably be prosecuted.

Unfortunately, sheer stupidity is not a crime. However, Bwana Walter should be prosecuted for poaching at the very least. Personally, I would like to see the good dentist literally thrown to the lions. Sporting? No, but it would be a bit of badly needed justice in an unjust world.

Dr. Palmer’s patients, having any brains, will surely abandon his practice. However, Bwana Walter will probably simply relocate to another state (Florida?) and continue filling teeth to support his big game macho head trip. I’m hoping that public opinion forces this piece of sub-human feces into a dark hole from which he never returns.

This is my opinion: What’s yours?

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  1. I am a hunter myself. Not only do I have no problem harvesting game, but I have no problem with people paying money for permits issued by national governments to hunt game overseas. But the details surrounding this case suggest that Palmer is not a ‘hunter’ so much as a ‘collector.’ All true hunters and legitimate sportsmen should be outraged by the illegitimate actions of this guy, whose interest is not in the conservation and preservation of wildlife- but only what his white-collar dollars can provide him in terms of trophies.
    Palmer isn’t a hunter. He went on a hunt, but he isn’t a hunter, and to try to foist off the blame to his guide service- a cheap attempt to dodge responsibility for being caught in the act of illegitimate activity. If this had been a legit mistake, it would have been reported to the authorities before the animal had been skinned, beheaded, and the attempt to destroy the collar.


    • allenrizzi permalink

      As a hunter and fisherman, I could not agree more. The word “sportsman” does not apply to poachers or those who subvert hunting and fishing for personal gain and then blame others when exposed for their unacceptable behavior.


  2. allenrizzi permalink

    Extradition is starting to appeal to me in a big way. This guy won’t even get a wrist slap in the U.S. so why not?


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