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A Son of Tret

February 19, 2015

If you have family from the Val di Non, please let us hear from you!


Over the many years I have been researching my ancestry, I have met others with similar interests.  Some have become online friends with whom I correspond and with whom I exchange information.  Others I have lost contact.  I recently reconnected with a fellow researcher of family from Trentino – Allen Rizzi.  Allen’s roots in Trentino are the villages of Tret, Cloz, and Fondo, allof which are in Trentino’s Val di Non (Non Valley), as are my roots.  Allen though, took his research and heritage one step further — he moved to Tret, and has lived there many years.

Tret street scene Tret street scene — source: Google Earth

With a writing background, Allen authored a few books — one of which “Our First Year – Sketches of an Alpine Village” is a must-read for those of us interested in learning more about our heritage and the way our ancestors lived in Val di…

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  1. Bob Leonardi permalink

    I read the posting in Sal Romano’s blog “A Son From Tret” and I read your writings of In the “Shadow of Saint Stephen” and “Our First Year”, enjoyed them both. I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you that you are living my dream. You see, I have visited Val di Non probably 15 times in my life time. All have been centered around Ronzone, a village close to you. My last trip there was in 2012 and I pray that my wife and I will visit again soon. On my retirement in 1996 I wanted to live a year in Val di Non but then we started having grandchildren. In fact we moved back to NY from Florida in 1998 to be with them so I saw the dream kind of evaporating. Then I thought how about 3 months, that never came to fruition. The main reason being healthcare. So now we do 1-2 weeks and sometime coupled with a cruise out of Venice.

    My Mom was born in Ronzone in 1914 and immigrated to New York in 1932. My Dad was born in Minersville, Pa in 1904. Nonno was born in Tuenno and immigrated to Minersville in 1901. He worked in the mines of PA until he became ill from working there. My assumption was he had black lung disease. He moved his family back to Tuenno in 1912 where he died in 1914. My Dad returned to Minersville in 1922 and my Nonna and Zia followed in 1923.

    I love Val di Non and feel very at home there. In 2005 I toured the valley with my cousin driving and took over 300 photos of the various towns and villages and posted them on my website . You may or may not have seen it but I have some photos of Tret. I am hoping to return next year, God willing, and take photos of the villages I missed the first time.

    I still have first cousins living in Bolzano and Trento that were raised in Ronzone who I am close with. Unfortunately I have lost contact with a cousins in Rumo and Tuenno a number of years ago.

    Sorry I got carried away but when it comes to Val di Non and Trentino I can never shut up.


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