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January 30, 2015

I have always liked the simple things in life. It is probably due to my 1950s upbringing or maybe it’s because this artificially complicated world we live in has become over the top. I prefer farmers over politicians; I like pancakes instead of crepes; A pair of jeans will do. I don’t need a fancy wine when a simple glass will suffice and I prefer conversations that get quickly to the point. For the same reasons, I have always had a preference for short stories as opposed to novels and short poems as opposed to those epic Homeric tomes. Due to these preferences, I wrote uncomplicated, simple poetry for many years followed by song lyrics that were uncluttered and to the point. I always found simple to be successful.

Simple poems are not that simple to write. The constraints of time and space demand more of the author; there are no boundaries to fudge and there is no time to waste getting to the point. And sometimes, a direct simple approach is much better than a long diffuse advance. Often, simple is simply better!

Among the short poems I wrote five decades ago, the following has always remained one of my favorites. It is included in my poetry anthology, Prescriptions from the Rhyme Doctor.

Four Lines To A Lady  (©1972 Allen E. Rizzi)

I’ll subside in the tide until she’s lied
For the finally funniest last time;
The without woe, I’ll let her know
That I wrote this just to rhyme.

Simple? Yes and I still like it that way!

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