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The Big Kim Question (Bonus Blog)

December 19, 2014

This week’s events are hard to comprehend. Leaks, leaks, laughs and cave-ins.  Kim Jong-un has provided us with them all in overabundance. He has also raised some interesting questions for Americans.

Starting with the hacked emails at Sony Corporation, the American public was at first treated with mere leaks. Yes, Angelina Jolie is probably a “minimally talented spoiled brat.” So what? Is this really important to our national security? Probably not! Definitely not! The next James Bond script was leaked. Oh heavens! That’s sure to spoil our breakfast for days. Sony should probably have gotten busy building a better fire wall instead of wallowing in self pity and inaction.

Things got a whole lot  hairier and scarier when North Korea threatened the American movie going public with death and “9-11 like” consequences if the showing of a second-rate movie commenced.  The Interview looked, by all accounts, to be just another bad Seth Rogen flick, not worthy of death threats or even a decent review. Bad taste in movie making aside, Sony and the American government should have collectively “found a pair” right then and there. But no! We now live in the confines of an ever politically correct universe where we must now bow down to puny third world thugs. Bad movies aside again, has Sony and the rest of the USA forgotten the major cornerstone of our country…. free speech?

Perhaps the United States of America should hack North Korea’s meager computer infrastructure and send Kimchi Kim back to the stone age. Wait a minute, he and his tribe are already living in the stone age. What to do? Maybe we should just have actually finished the Korean War alla WW II.

But this week’s news cycle has created a whole new batch of questions. What if the pudgy midget from the Democratic (???) People’s Republic of Korea doesn’t like blue jeans? Should Walmart quit selling them instantly and replace them with Nehru Jackets? If he or his buddy Putin don’t like the internet, should we step up and help them both tear it completely down? Of course not!

The complete fiber of our country is coming off the spinning wheel. The Lost Generation probably doesn’t care a whole lot about such lofty questions. However, as one of America’s “last generation,” I would tell nutty little Kim and his friends….. bring it!  America still has  enough moral backbone to simply say no dice when threatened by third world thugs. 제발!

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  1. allenrizzi permalink

    인터넷에없는? My tears are the largest!


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