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A World Language

November 14, 2014

For many years I have been a proponent of a one language world. A single idiom would certainly make life easier on all of us all over the globe. If we all spoke one primary tongue, just think of the possibilities for improved communication and productivity! Currently almost everything from food ingredients to appliance instructions must be written, read and understood in a vast array of languages just to satisfy regional demands, no less world-wide needs. When you think about it, isn’t this a grand waste of time?

As our world has changed and modernized, the car has replaced the horse and computers have replaced the pen. Why not have a “world language” that replaces all of the others for official business and communication? We could all still retain our “first language” for the sake of heritage and culture. To a great extent, English has already fulfilled this need. But many ask, “Why English?” After all, English ranks third in the spoken languages of the world (behind Chinese and Spanish).  So is it just pride? Are we right back to the original problem?

National pride and habit are the culprits that keep most of us using the same language to communicate our entire lives. When confronted with a true need to speak another language, we often falter and limp back to the warmth of our mother tongue. Is communication improved in the end? Doubtful. Perhaps choosing an official world language would be the answer. Which language would be the best replacement? English? It’s not really important….

Choose one…. Scegli uno…. Wählen Sie eine….Kies een….Choisissez un….Elija uno….Válasszon egyet….Επιλέξτε ένα….Escolha um….Выберите один….Dooro mid….किसी एक को चुनें….اختيار واحد.

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  2. English is fine. Fact of the matter many people around the world speak at least two or three language. India? Asia? A good part of Africa.

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