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My Love

September 26, 2014

As I finish up my blogging season here in Italy and head back home to North Carolina, I am forced to reflect upon the many great gifts of life that I have been fortunate enough to receive. They are many but the most precious of all is my wife. While I have written here about songs, politics, books and life, I haven’t said a word about my wife. My wife is in fact my life. Who is she?

Her name is Rachel and we may well be as unmatched as any two people. She is from New York and I come from the surfing culture of Southern California. She is east and I am west but the twain have met and we have been the most important part of each other’s lives for three and a half decades. People like Rachel are a rare gift in life. She has enriched my life immeasurably and I am grateful to have her with me every day.

Friends and strangers alike often ask us why we are so happy. Like everyone, we have our share of life’s problems and confrontations. In fact, life is often a bitch, especially when you let it be so. At the foundation of our relationship, we share a mutual respect, admiration and acceptance that can not be diminished by stress, finances or even the nightly news. We smile and laugh every day and we talk with each other constantly. We have no special gift; we are simply very much in love after many, many years together.

Rachel, she is my love and my life and will ever be so. It’s simple really, don’t you think?

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  1. Joan permalink

    A lovely tribute to your lovely wife. So great to read a story about love and happiness for a change. Kudos to both of you for sustaining your union and laughing along the paths of your marriage! Time spent witnessing the two of you interacting makes me smile too ( & be a bit envious as well, I must admit). Keep laughing and loving, my friends!


  2. allenrizzi permalink

    We are always on the road to love!


  3. Reblogged this on allenrizzi and commented:

    Old post but still so very true!

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  4. Life is better with a soul-mate, even sweet sometimes. 🙂

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