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Bella Italia

August 1, 2014

I am constantly vexed by the juxtaposition of my two homes, Italy and the United States. It sometimes seems as though the two are not on the same planet.

Here in Italy, I was once asked by a new friend, “Is it true that Americans can eat lunch anytime, not just at precisely noon?” I split a gut explaining that as Americans, we can pretty much do as we damn please. On the other hand, some of my American friends have come to Italy on vacation. They call me from Rome to ask if we can drive down and meet them for lunch. Lunch? I couldn’t get there for breakfast tomorrow, Rome is 16 hours south of our home in the Italian Alps. Did any of my American friends really pass geography?

I love both of “my countries” but for different reasons. Here in Italy, I eat much better, live better and even sleep better. However, I have to endure a ton of bureaucratic nonsense. When I return to my native USA, I am always shocked to see the sheer girth of my fellow Americans as they waddle through Walmart. Fat or not, I love and appreciate their straightforwardness. I admit I am fond of people who get to the point quickly and Italians never do.

Of “Bella Italia” I say, “Certo, sempre bella ma sono sempre un Americano.” It’s in the blood folks!

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