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A Pocket Full Of Miracles

June 27, 2014

We live in Italy and “ogni tanto” (every now and then) we visit the local bars. Bars here are not the rough places of our native USA; rather, they are gathering places where one can enjoy the company of the local population and share some conversation over a coffee, wine or beer. A sidenote here: the legal drinking age here in Italy is 16; the driving age is 18. Go figure!

Back to the bars. After a week or two of visiting bars, my wallet is always overflowing with bar receipts. You see, here in Italy one must keep his bar receipts on his person until he is 300 meters from the establishment. This is the law! It proprtedly keeps the bar owners honest in reporting all of their income.

With bar receipts burgeoning from my otherwise empty wallet, I religiously empty this “pocket full of miracles” every two weeks. I call it wallet maintenance. This is life in Italy, la vita bella.

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  1. If I were forced to retain all my candy receipts, I’d need a wheelbarrow to carry them all… Fun post!


  2. And in Mexico, you’re always dealing with las facturas, a sort of tax receipt that proves you spent your money on something. Not being a citizen, I don’t have to deal with it, but my sweetie (you know who) needs to. Some of this is becoming computerized so you can zap your proof of spending directly into the mother ship but with many places you still stuff your pockets with paper.


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    Retro Saturday…


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