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New Books Finally Available!

April 12, 2013

After a long winter, I have finally released three books on Amazon’s Kindle Store. These have been in the making for some time, so I hope that everyone will finally get a chance to read and enjoy them.

Our First Year – Sketches From An Alpine Village

The true story of an American couple’s first year living abroad in northern Italy. Told through short, humorous sketches, Italy’s northern Tirol region is brought to you through the eyes of newly arrived American residents. Centered in the small village of Tret, the people, language and customs are brought to life through a personal narrative of everyday living. This book provides laughs and tears to American and European readers alike.

The Blackest of Canyons

“As I sit quietly this evening in the Italian Alps, I know that in the morning, the sun will surely come streaming in again over those quiet waters, now some 6,000 miles and a lifetime away from me. Memories know no distance and I will miss Black Canyon. The mighty Willamette River will slip by and there will remain in its swirls and reflections the soft sepia toned images of all of my waters and the fragrance of dewy ferns on the canyon floor and a faint hope for tomorrow. This beloved place, the Blackest of Canyons; we have grown together and have given and received of each other so much. Having done so, in the end of days, I suppose we are surely even.”

The flowing waters of the American West will carry you through a half century of living, as told by a simple fisherman. The Blackest of Canyons will make you take stock of your own life and bring you full circle!

In The Shadow of Saint Stephen

With beautiful photos, In The Shadow of Saint Stephen gives the reader a window into the past of the tiny village of Cloz, located in Italy’s northern Trento province. History is brought back to life through an examination of the antique cemetery located along side of the Saint Stephen’s church. Richly detailed and informative, this book delves into the history, restoration and preservation of one of Northern Italy’s most important antique cemeteries.

Originally written in Italian, this new text has been translated into English for English speaking scholars, genealogists and readers with ancestors from the village of Cloz.

Look for additional book releases this year which will include the much anticipated Three A.M. This is the definitive lyric anthology for my songs. This anthology contains 81 song lyrics written between 1974 and 1980, including many not previously released to the public. All song lyrics are accompanied with back scenes that comment on the songs’ origins, performance histories and other interesting facts. Forty years on, these lyrics are a blueprint of a 1970s songwriter craft.

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